Links to Resources

Links to some of the work undertaken by the Team Members and AANK Advisory LLP:

"India Study 2017-Financing Options for Skills for Work of Marginalized Women" A research project of ASPBAE and Azad Foundation, India,

'Best Practices in South Asia of Engaging Men and Boys To Transform Gender Discriminatory Practices' – 5 Case Studies, Centre for Health and Social Justice, New Delhi, 2017 <>

Women Empowerment Through Business Member Organizations: Sri Lanka's Landscape, ILO, Turin, Italy, 2015. <>

“Women Empowerment Through Business Member Organizations: Cambodia's Landscape”, ILO, Turin, Italy, 2015. <>

Gender and Essential Services in Low-income Communities: Report on the Findings of the Action Research Project Women’s Rights and Access to Water and Sanitation in Asian Cities, Women in Cities International 2011 <>

Tools for Gathering Information on Women's Safety and Inclusion in Cities: Experiences from Gender Inclusive Cities Programme, Women in Cities International 2011 <>

Gender Evaluation Report: for the Bhutan UNDAF/cCPAP Mid Term Review Process 2010 < ?docid=4487>

India's Export Ban on Foodgrain: A Measure to Ensure Availability of Food for its Poorest Citizens, Oakland Institute, California, USA <>

Rights and Access to WATSAN , Jagori, New Delhi <>

Report of the Vth South Asia Regional Ministerial Conference celebrating Beijing+10, 3-5 May 2005, Islamabad. UNIFEM SARO <>

Progress of Women in South Asia, ISST supported by UNIFEM SARO < %20of%20Women%20in%20South %20Asia%202007.pdf>

The Power of Participation: Women Leaders Speak, UNIFEM and Athena Network < Participation_ExecutiveSummary_SinglePages_200808.pdf>Transforming the National AIDS Response: Advancing Women Leadership and Participation, UNIFEM and Athena Network < Advancing_ Women_ Leadership_Participation.pdf>

Good Practices in Strengthening Local Governance in India, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation <>

Participatory Poverty Assessment-Stung Treng Province, Cambodia, IUCN and Actionaid <>

Politics of Global Environmental Management: The Heat of Global Warming < Global EnvironmentalManagement.pdf>