Current and Past Engagements of Team Members and of AANK Advisory LLP include, among others:

Technical Advisory Role

(2017-2018) Technical Oversight on Capacity Needs Assessment of Women Elected Leaders in Sub-National Governance in Nepal and the Development of Training Curriculum for Women Elected Leaders.

(2017-2018) Scoping Study on Financing Options for Skills for Work of Marginalised Women - Asia.

(2017) Study on Financing Options for Skills for Work of Marginalised Women - India.

(2017) Supporting the Collection & Analysis of  Value Creation Stories to Complement the Result Framework.

(2017)  Technical Oversight and Module Development for Online Course on "Understanding Masculinities and Engaging Men towards Gender Equality".

(2016) Concept Development and Planning Towards a National Conference on Non-traditional Livelihoods for Women. )

(2015) Preparation of Country Briefs (Cambodia and Sri Lanka) on Women's Entrepreneurship and Business Member Organizations.
(2014) Facilitation of Participatory Community-Based Recovery Plans in post-Typhoon Haiyan-affected Areas in the Philippines.
(2009, 2010) Supporting Block Administrative Centres and Gram Panchayats in Sikkim in Perspective-building, Participatory Planning, Evolving Annual and Strategic Plans.

(2010) Technical Support to the Minister, Ministry of Women's Affairs (MoWA), Royal Government of Cambodia for the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP).

Monitoring and Evaluation

(2016-19) Ongoing Review and Evaluation  for ‘Creating Safe Public Spaces for Women and Girls in Jharkhand’, Jagori, India.

(2016) Gender Assessment of the National Response to HIV/AIDS and TB in Nepal, UNAIDS, Nepal.

(2016) Evaluation of Comprehensive Plan VII and VIII (2012-2016), Seva Mandir, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

(2016) Programme Evaluation (2007-2016) Composite Heritage of the Institute of Social Democracy, New Delhi, India.

(2015) Evaluation of CFC (Package) Programme of CASA in Chhattisgarh, India.

Evaluation of ‘Fathers Care : A Campaign for Promoting Men’s Involvement in Securing Rights of Children in India’  for CHSJ.

(2014) Evaluation of Core Programme of CASA, New Delhi, India.

(2012-2013) Impact Assessment of PEACE, New Delhi, India.

(2009-2012) M
onitoring and Evaluation Support to an Action Research on Women's Rights and Access to Water and Sanitation in Asian Cities, Women In Cities International, Canada.

(2011) Evaluation of the National Response on Gender and HIV/AIDS in Nepal, UNAIDS, Nepal.

(2010) Gender Evaluation of UNDAF/cCPAP in Bhutan, UNDP, Bhutan.

Review  and Documentations

(2012, 2017) Documentation on the Status of MGREGA in Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh, India.
(2016) Photo-documentation of Post-Earthquake Engagement of Wateraid in Nepal for Wateraid Nepal.

(2009, 2011) Review of Legal/Policy Framework on Water and Sanitation in Delhi, India.

(2009, 2013, 2014-2015) Review of Legal/Policy Framework on Women's Rights in Context of Gender-inclusive/Safe Cities Project in Delhi, India.

(2011) Review  of Laws/Policies Governing Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Cambodia.